Angel City Dental Society Endowed Scholarship Program

 Since 2005 the Society has awarded over 21 scholarships to deserving California Dental Students.  The annual scholarship awards serve as a symbol of our commitment to encourage our students and to assist them financially.  We select rising students who have demonstrated a high level of social responsibility.  It is our expectation that upon graduation they will join with us to continue the work that we are doing in the community and that they will continue to “give back” throughout their dental careers.

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Scholarship Application Packet

Partial Listing  of  Scholarships Awarded

2011 Angel City Dental Society Scholarship Recipients

2017-2018 Angel City Dental Society National Dental Association Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship

Erick Ligans- USC, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

Delano Hankins- UCLA School of Dentistry

DaKandryia Peters- USC, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

April Buckins – Loma Linda School of Dentistry

Roy B. Hooks – USC School of Dentistry

Joy Richardson – Loma Linda School of Dentistry

2009 -2010 Angel City Dental Society Scholarship Recipients

Roy B. Hooks- USC School of Dentistry

Malieka Johnson- UCLA School of Dentistry

Jean Pierre Rwigema- USC School of Dentistry

 2008 Angel City Dental Society Scholarship Recipients

Chioma Onwuka- UCLA School of Dentistry

Jean Pierre Rwigema- USC School of Dentistry

Amber Whitenhill- USC School of Dentistry

2007 Angel City Dental Society Scholarship Recipients

Jean Pierre Rwigema-USC School of  Dentistry

2006 Angel City Dental Society Scholarship Recipients

Olamunmi Margaret Abass- UCSF School of Dentistry

Atem Akwon Reed- UCSF School of Dentistry

2005 Angel City Dental Society Scholarship Recipients

Lenise Yarber- USC School of Dentistry

LaRon Cotton- UCSF School of Dentistry

Andre Burgess- UCSF School of  Dentistry